MERMI is a brand of highly creative haut game fashion forward scarves designed for men and women that appreciate Art and have a flair for fashion.

There are several different MERMI Collections, each created around specific themes. All of them are unusual and characterised by a sense of playfulness and fun, and a range of rich colors and impactful graphics.

The silk scarves are manufactured and rolled by hand in Lyon in France renown worldwide for their excellence in craftsmanship.

MERMI has also created a line of scarves from pashmina and alpaca, all manufactured in the foothills of the Himalayas. This new line is of exceptional high quality thanks to the ancestral ‘savoir-faire’ of Master Indian weavers. Each scarf is woven individually by hand; each is unique onto itself.

The first scarves of fine wool and pashmina that MERMI presents today are the result of a long process of creation and research to find highly specialised artisanal factories in India renown for their high ethical standards and respect for nature. The result are marvels of lightness and softness, not unlike a second skin, that you will treasure always.

MERMI is sold in around thirty shops around the world : LE BON MARCHÉ Paris / FRED SEGAL Tokyo / NITTY GRITTY Stockholm / HANDSOME Seoul …..


Structure meets style.

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